Embracing Urbanity - Creating Liveable Cities

Design Principles: 1 - Walkable Neighbourhoods. 2 - Cluster Housing. 3 - Shared Open Space. 4 - Fit for Children and Teenagers. 5 - Connected in Community 

5 Design Principles for Thriving Urban Centres

#1: Create Walkable Urban Neighbourhoods

It's a paradigm shift from 'mobility' (by car) to 'accessibility' (easy walking distance from home to shops, offices, work, community amenities, schools, playgrounds, open space and public transport). Read more ...

#2: Cluster Housing.  #3: Green Open Space

Dwellings clustered around green open space -Mt Eden, Auckland, (designer unknown) shows 24 household units sharing open space on the northern (sunny) side of the site. Read more ...

#4: Children and Teenagers. #5: Connected In Community
Fit for children - fit for everyone. Create centres with special identity that foster attachment to place, pedestrianism, casual social interaction (e.g. Northstar Resort map, Lake Tahoe CA - shops/food stalls, accomodation, central skating rink; Kidzone; bus hub). Read more ...

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